That s when all of the lights came on, and so we legged it dating amp chatting site online . Yeah, he s been swotting like mad for his spanish exam. Thomas is such an anorak when it comes to train trivia. The dreaded lurgy originates from 1950s british tv show the goon show, in which one character has to deal with a national epidemic of an unidentified illness. A knacker was the person that slaughtered worn-out horses in the 19th and 20th centuries for their meat, hoofs, and hide. Don t get caught, or you ll end up in the nick. Sam did a botch job on these shelves -- they re wonky. And did you see that equalising goal in the last minute of injury time. Take the mickey is an abbreviation of taking the mickey bliss, which is cockney rhyming slang for take the p*** dating amp chatting site online . The bee s knees referred to small or insignificant details when it was first documented in the 18th century. Men from east london are also commonly referred to as geezers. Tinkle refers to a phone s ring, while blower is slang or telephone and refers to the device that predated phones on naval ships.

Poppycock something that is nonsense, rubbish, or simply untrue might be described as poppycock. This could be due to the lengths that the person will have to go to in order to complete the task. Long something that takes a lot of effort and probably isn t going to be worth all of the effort, either, could be described as long. This second theory has been disproved, however, by the slang s documentation predating the popularity of the phrase by our lady. In the 1960s, someone that was unfashionable might be nicknamed a wally, according to dictionary. Spanner in the works an event that disrupts the natural, pre-planned order of events could be described as a spanner in the works. Take the mickey to take the mickey means to take liberties at the expense of others -- and can be used in both a lighthearted and an irritated fashion. Flogging also refers to whipping a racehorse in order to make it move faster, so there is some speculation into whether you flog goods in order to make them shift faster, too. We ve got a party at our gaff, if you fancy it. By getting pregnant, mary threw a spanner in the works. Those two are having a proper chinwag -- i haven t been able to get a word in edgeways for half an hour. Curtain twitcher a nosey neighbour, often caught peering out on their street s activities from a curtained window, might be referred to as a curtain twitcher.

Nowadays, it s mostly a way for kids to pull pranks on their friends. He s a bloody curtain twitcher, but he still won t sign for our packages. The phrase is most commonly used when the individual has been lucky and the person saying it is in disbelief that the first person has managed to pull it off.dr gerd meitzel bad wildungen webcam.
. Sailors would blow down a pipe to their recipient, where a whistle at the end of the pipe would sound to spark attention. Splash out to splash out means spending significant amounts of money on a particular item or event. It s common courtesy to offer a labourer or builder working on your house a builder s tea while they re working -- especially if they re working out in the cold. Chuffed cream crackered cockney rhyming slang for knackered, if you re cream crackered then you re incredibly tired. No returns of any kind is a school playground rhyme often exchanged between friends on the first day of a new calendar month, accompanied by a pinch and a punch to the recipient. Although the origins of this phrase are largely unknown, a gaff in the 18th-century was a music hall or theatre, and so it s believed to derive from this. Hank marvin is a british musician from the 1960s and 1970s, and is a pretty obscure reference nowadays. .Treiber bt0015 logilink wireless webcam.

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